Pi Beta Phi
University of Alberta
Chapter Leadership

At Alberta Alpha, everyone is a leader in their own way! By practicing servant leadership, our members work together to ensure that the Pi Phi experience is the best it can be. Every memebr is a key part in our chapter and the leadership opportunities are endless both within the chapter and beyond with the skills aquired by serving our chapter. 

Chapter President

​​​​​​​Marianne Goebel

Vice President of Member Development

This member is assisting our Panhellenic Sisters as a Recruitment Counsellor.

Vice President of Fraternity Development

​​​​​​​Courtney Schmidt

Vice President of Administration

​​​​​​​Heather Daniel

Vice President of Event Planning

Pam Acetiuno Sevares

Vice President of  Finance

Danielle Deschamps

Vice President of Membership

​​​​​​​Esmeralda Rodas

Vice President of Philanthropy

​​​​​​​Cass Andreas

New Member Coordiantor

Hannah Bacon

Senior Member Coordinator

Claire Dubé

Leadership and Nominating Committee Chair

​​​​​​​Ashley Johnson

Policy and Standards Board Chair

​​​​​​​Siobhan Carroll